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8 Reasons Solitaires Are Good For Your Brain

Card games, in general, are a leisure alternative that has endured generation after generation. Despite the rise of new technologies, families and friends continue to gather around a table with a deck ready to have a good time. We even use them through technology, as they are also among the most popular games online. And it is that these, in addition to being fun, offer multiple benefits, both for children and adults.

Among the games that we can enjoy, we are going to highlight the role played by loners. These are ideal for those who want to have fun with cards, but do not have companions at the time. They usually consist of fairly simple rules, so their dynamics can be learned by children from 7 years of age.

There are as many free spider solitaire online modes as you can imagine, both to play with a physical deck and online. The most classic of solitaire is called Klondike and it is one of the most used in the computer version. The objective is to arrange the cards in four piles, one of each suit, with the cards placed in ascending order. However, we find endless options as much or more fun, such as the lonely pyramid, ladder or the famous Spider.

It is, therefore, a very versatile and entertaining game that can also be very educational. In fact, card solitaire helps both children and adults to develop motor, mental and sensory abilities.

solitarios de cartas

Here we explain how solitaire cards help you keep your brain in shape and what benefits they have.

1. They provide fun and distraction for the brain

The main objective of any game is undoubtedly to have fun. Card solitaires fulfill that mission perfectly. Not only are they fun and they keep us entertained, but they are an excellent activity to relax the pressure we are subjected to in our daily lives. A good relaxation of brain activity is not only necessary for its proper functioning, but also for your health in general.

In addition, due to their characteristics, they provide us with time to be alone, something that is also essential to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

2. They promote memory and concentration

The solitaire of cards also helps us to strengthen brain functions through cognitive stimulation. These games favor us when it comes to maintaining attention and concentration on them for a more or less prolonged time. This, in the long run, strengthens memory and delays cognitive decline.

After all, they are an excellent form of mental gymnastics that will allow us to keep our brain in shape.

3. They stimulate cognitive development

Card games, in general, and free spider solitaire games, in particular, provide reinforcement when it comes to developing logical and mathematical thinking. They force us to look for strategies, tactics and to use and train logic for their resolution.

In addition, for the little ones it can even help them practice vocabulary or learn new words and knowledge.

4. They develop creativity

All games have more or less defined rules that we must follow. However, the rules, after all, are to be broken. Children can find an inexhaustible source of creativity in doing so, since, by inventing their own rules, they can create new possibilities from those they already knew.

5. They help us tolerate frustration

One thing is clear in the game: sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Without a doubt, practice will make us improve when it comes to achieving results. Even so, there will be many occasions in which the result is not what we wanted. The fact of facing these types of situations in a playful way will lead us to learn to face failures and to manage frustration in the best possible way. Something that, without a doubt, will be of enormous use to us in other aspects of our lives.

At the same time, it can also provide us with great support when it comes to improving our self-esteem through the achievements we have made.

6. They stimulate autonomy

In the case of children, the solitary will encourage them to develop their own autonomy. They will have to develop simple strategies to solve it, make plans or make decisions for themselves. This is going to be of great importance to open the way for them to their personal autonomy.

7. They stimulate fine motor skills

Another of the great advantages of card games, in any of its forms, is that they will encourage us to develop our manual skills, especially in the case of children. The simple act of shuffling and dealing the cards is a great support for fine motor development. It will also help them improve hand-eye coordination and, ultimately, expand their sensory and perceptual abilities.

8. Improve social skills

There are times when card spider solitaire online allows another person to participate or even form groups. In those cases, it will represent an excellent way to work our social skills. The relaxed conversations that revolve around a deck of cards help to strengthen the bonds between the people who share that moment. They are also an excellent occasion to strengthen family ties.

In fact, children, depending on their age, may need adults to understand the rules and how the games work. This is a good time to strengthen ties and trust with your parents.

In addition, in the case of group games, they encourage cooperation and teamwork.


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