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The Peugeot 508 Is Really A Mid-size Family Car Manufactured By French Carmaker Peugeot.
The Peugeot 508 Is Really A Mid-size Family Car Manufactured By French Carmaker Peugeot.
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That's not to say this doesn't offer some French flair, though. Where many designers seem to have ongoing competition to have as much intersecting lines and sculpted surfaces onto their cars, the Peugeot 508's simplicity is a breath of fresh air. At the front end, there is a sharp grille and slim headlamp units, while higher-spec models come with a striking set of vertical LED daytime running lights. The new 508 certainly looks the part, with a classy, grown-up design that fulfils the brief of competing with its German rivals.





Later in the car's life, a plug-in hybrid version will expand the line-up for both the Fastback and SW models. Peugeot supplies a collection of PureTech and BlueHDi diesel engines in the 508, which range from 130hp to 225hp, with an option of manual and automatic transmissions available on most engines – automatic transmissions are far more widely available than manuals.





The Peugeot 508 is a large family car launched in October 2010 by French automaker Peugeot, and followed by the 508 SW, an estate version, in March 2011. Despite that, it stays flat in corners, holding its line well thanks to plenty of grip. However, it's simple to become accustomed to the way the car responds to inputs from the driver, feeling more agile than its size would initially suggest. Overall, it's relaxing to drive and feels rather dissimilar to its German rivals, and which will resonate with some customers. The mix of small tyre and slightly light feel to the steering means the 508 feels nimble to manoeuvre, however many won't such as the i-Cockpit's set-up weighed against a more conventional instrument panel.





The Peugeot company and family are originally from Sochaux. On 20 November 1858, Émile Peugeot sent applications for the lion trademark. In February 2014, the shareholders decided to a recapitalisation policy for the PSA Group, in which Dongfeng Motors and the French government each bought a 14% stake in the company. Peugeot has been involved successfully in motor sport for more than a century. Peugeot has received many international awards for its vehicles, including six European Car of the Year awards. Armand Peugeot built the company's first car, an unreliable steam tricycle, in collaboration with Léon Serpollet in 1889; this was followed in 1890 by an internal combustion car with a Panhard-Daimler engine. The family business that preceded the existing Peugeot companies was founded in 1810, with a material foundry that soon started making hand tools and kitchen equipment, and then bicycles. Peugeot retains a sizable manufacturing plant and Peugeot museum there.





Side-on, the 508 looks smaller sized than a lot of its gargantuan competitors, with creases in most the right places and an unfussy look. Actually, it's shorter than the previous 508, but Peugeot assures us it's more practical, while a far more practical 508 SW also forms area of the new line-up. Around the rear, it is a simple design with Peugeot's latest ‘claw-effect'rear lights sitting in a dark bar that runs the width of the car. The doors are frameless being a coupe, which immediately gains it some cool points, and contributes to its smart appearance.





In 2020 it absolutely was announced a merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and PSA is likely to be completed in the very first quarter of 2021. PSA announced they'll be returning to the United States by 2021. Stellantis now owns various well-known brands such as for instance Peugeot, Citroën, Jeep, Maserati (which used by Citroën from 1968 through 1975), Chrysler, Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo, among others. The combined company will be called Stellantis. The merger was confirmed on 4 January 2021, after overwhelming vote of shareholders from both companies and the offer officially closed on 16 January 2021. However, on 1 April 2019, PSA has announced that Peugeot plans to re-enter the US market by 2021. However, as of February 2021, Stellantis has shelved plans for Peugeot to re-enter the US market, opting instead to focus on its US brands. The merger should make it easier for Peugeot to determine dealerships as FCA already features a extensive network of dealerships in the United States.





This marked the debut of Michelin pneumatic tyres in racing, also on a Peugeot; they proved insufficiently durable. Three Peugeots were entered in the Paris–Bordeaux–Paris, where they certainly were beaten by Panhard's car (despite an average speed of 20.8 km/h and taking the 31,500 franc prize. Lemaître finished 3 min 30 sec behind the Comte de Dion whose steam-powered car was ineligible for the official competition. Nevertheless, the vehicles were still quite definitely horseless carriages in appearance and were steered by way of a tiller. Peugeot was an early on pioneer in motor racing, with Albert Lemaître winning the world's first motor race, the Paris–Rouen, in a 3 hp Peugeot. Five Peugeots qualified for the main event, and all finished.





All Peugeot 2022 models are built with Bluetooth, DAB radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto along side voice recognition. Allure adds USB recordings in place of a 12V output and Peugeot achieves a full-color reverse camera system. The GT Line models put in a Smartphone charger, whilst the GT and First Edition models have an extraordinary Focal Audio premium hi-fi system, which will be superior to standard equipment.



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