Phrasal Verbs com Letra G

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Nesse post, aprenda phrasal verbs com a letra G.

Mais um post para você ficar fera em conversação em inglês! Chegamos na letra G da nossa listinha super esperta de phrasal verbs para quem vem estudando inglês online e tem muita sede de saber!

Mais uma vez, contamos com a ajuda dos melhores professores de inglês online, a equipe do Cambly. Afinal, como a gente sempre gosta de escrever por aqui – nada melhor do que aprender um inglês real, usado diariamente por quem realmente vive o idioma na pele: os nativos.

Todos os tutores do Cambly são nativos e estão sempre dispostos a ajudar alunos brasileiros a aprenderem inglês.

Vamos aos Phrasal Verbs com a Letra G:

TO GET * ACROSS +Cause to be understoodIt’s difficult to get humor across in another language.
TO GET AHEADMake progressI can’t get ahead even though I work two jobs.
TO GET AHEAD OF +surpassYou need to work overtime in order to get ahead of schedule.
TO GET ALONGHave a good relationship Do you and your brother get along?
TO GET ALONG WITH +Have a good relationship Gus doesn’t get along with his two sisters.
TO GET AROUND +Avoid someone or somethingSome people get around paying taxes by hiring a good accountant.
TO GET AROUNDGo many placesIt’s easy to get around town by bus.
TO GET AWAYescapeThe bank robbers got away.
TO GET AWAY WITH +Do something against the rules or illegal and not get caught or punishedMy brother gets away with everything.
TO GET BYSurvive without having the things you need or wantI lost my job, so I am having a hard time to get by this year.
TO GET BY ON +Survive with minimal resourcesIt’s nearly impossible to get by on making minimum wage.
TO GET BY WITH +Manage withYou don’t need a computer. You can get by with a typewriter.
TO GET DOWN TO +Get serious about a topicEnough small talk. Let’s get down to business.
TO GET IN +Enter (a car, a small boat)Get in the front seat!
TO GET INEnter Get in. I will give you a ride to school.
TO GET * OFFSend (a package)I finally got my sister’s birthday present off yesterday.
TO GET OFF +RemoveCan you get this spider off my shirt?
TO GET OFFLeave (a bas, plane, boat)We need to get off the bus at the next stop.
TO GET OFFLeaveIt’s dangerous to sit on the roof. Get off!
TO GET ONPut on (clothes)You should get your jacket on. It’s really cold outside.
TO GET ON Enter (a bus, train), mount (a bike, a horse)The train is leaving. Quick, get on!
TO GET ONHave a good relationship Nate doesn’t get on with his co-workers.
TO GET ON WITH +Have a good relationship Do you get on with your neighbors?
TO GET OUT OF +Exit I fell into the water when I tried to get out of the canoe.
TO GET OVER +recoverStop crying! Get over it!
TO GET THROUGH +CompleteWe will never get through all this boxes by 9AM.
TO GET THROUGH +Penetrate We need a strong drill to get through this wall.
TO GET * UPCause someone to riseMy neighbor got me up really early by turning the music up.
TO GET UPTo riseWhat time do you usually get up?
TO GIVE * AWAY +Give something without asking for anything in exchangeWhy did you give all  of your furniture away?
TO GIVE * BACK +Return something ones borrowedWhen are you going to give the book back to your tutor?
TO GIVE INStop tryingNever give in! You can do that!
TO GIVE * UP +Surrender somethingThe police told the thief to give his gun up.
TO GO BACKReturnWhen is she going back to Mexico?
TO GO BACK ON +Not keep (a promise)Don’t trust him. He always goes back on his promises.
TO GO FOR +Try to achieveOur team is going for the gold medal in the Olympics.
TO GO FORIdiomatic phrase – CraveI could go for pizza.
TO GO OFFexplodeThe bomb could go off at any minute.
TO GO OFFBecome angryMary went off last night after I told about her bike.
TO GO ONContinue My heart will go on.
TO GO ONHappenWhat is going on?
TO GO OUTStop burning (a fire)The fire went out after 2 days.
TO GO OVER +ReviewLet’s go over it before we do home.
TO GO WITH +Match (clothes)That shirt doesn’t go with this hat.
TO GO WITHOUT +Abstain from something you want or needA person can go without water for 2 days,
TO GROW UPMatureYour brother needs to grow up and start thinking about his future.

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