Aqui no Inglês Online, você vai contar com a ajuda de professores nativos para você aprender inglês de maneira definitiva. Vem aprender Phrasal Verbs com a gente!

Como sabemos, verbos frasais são importantíssimos numa conversa entre duas pessoas que falam inglês. É praticamente impossível ter mais do que 5 minutos de inglês com alguém sem usar ao mesmo 5 phrasal verbs. Se você quer mesmo aprender inglês, é bom se familiarizar com tais verbos, suas definições e uso.

Começamos nossa lista de phrasal verbs, desenvolvida com a ajuda de muitos tutores do Cambly, com as letras A & B.

Phrasal Verbs com a Letra A:

TO ACT UP to fail to function properly  I think I need to take my car to the mechanic because it’s acting up again.
TO ADD * UP + to calculate a sum  I added up the receipts and it totaled $239,00.
TO ADD UP TO + equal an amount The total expenses added up to $449,00.
TO ADD UP to make sense His story doesn’t add up. I think he is lying.
TO ASK * OUT + to invite on a date I can’t believe Mark finally asked me out on a date.
TO ASK * OVER + to invite to someone’s home Why don’t you ask your mother over for dinner?

Phrasal Verbs com a letra B:

 TO BACK DOWN  to stop defending your opinion on a debate John never backs down. He always wins arguments.
TO BACK OUT OF   not to keep (a promise, deal, agreement) My mom backed out at the last minute. 
TO BACK OUT OF + not to keep (a promise, deal, agreement) My mom backed out the agreement at the last minute.
TO BACK * UP + to give support I need good examples to back up my opinion.
TO BACK UP to move backwards, reverse Could you back up a little so I can open this window?
TO BAWL * OUT to criticize Irene bawled him out for arriving late.
TO BEAR DOWN ON + to bite I had to bear down on the leather strap while the doctor removed a bullet from the soldier’s arm.
TO BEAR DOWN ON + to take extreme measures against Brazil is bearing down on drugs.
TO BEAR ON + to have to do with This information may bear on this case.
TO BEAR UP to withstand I never thought he would bear up so easily with this situation.
TO BEAR UP UNDER + to withstand How can you bear up under such extreme pressure?
TO BEAR UP WITH +  to be patient Please, bear with me!
TO BLOW IN  to visit unexpectedly (inf.) My friend blew in unexpectedly with his entire family.
TO BLOW OVER to fade away without strong consequences All negative publicity will blow over in a couple of days.
TO BLOW * UP + to destroy using explosives The thieves blew the bridge up.
TO BLOW UP to explode The bomb blew up before she left the bank.
TO BOW UP to become very angry, suddenly When I heard the news, I blew up and called Sally.
 TO BREAK * DOWN + to analyze in detail I need to break this problem down.
TO BREAK DOWN to stop working properly My car broke down this morning.
TO BREAK DOWN to become mentally ill She broke down after her son died.
TO BREAK * IN + to wear something new until it becomes comfortable  I need to break these shoes in before the party.
TO BREAK IN  to interrupt I was talking to Sally when my mother broke in to give her opinion.
TO BREAK IN to force entry to a building The burglar broke in the store.
TO BREAK IN ON + to interrupt (a conversation) My mom broke in on our conversation and told me to go to bed.
TO BREAK INTO + to force entry to a building  The burglar broke into the new store.
TO BREAK INTO + to interrupt (a conversation) My mom broke into our conversation and told me to go to bed.
TO BREAK + OFF + to end something Mary broke her engagement to Bob off.
TO BREAK OUT to suddenly start The protests broke out in response to the military coup.
TO BREAK OUT + to use something extravagant for celebration They broke out the champagne to celebrate my promotion.
TO BREAK OUT OF + to escape The thief broke out of prison.
TO BREAK * UP + to break into pieces I broke the crackers up into pieces and put it in a soup.
TO BREAK * UP + to disperse (a crowd), to stop a fight The police broke the presentation up before it got out of control.
TO BREAK UP  to end a relationship Theo and Sally broke up again.
TO BRING * ABOUT + to cause to happen Democracy brought about great change in Brazil
TO BRING * OFF + to accomplish Ted finally got his English degree. I can’t believe he brought that off.
TO BRING * ON + to cause something I can’t believe she got so angry. What brought that on?
TO BRING * OUT + to make something more evident This new shirt brings out the color of your eyes.
TO BRING * TO  to revive consciousness They used smelling salts to bring her to after she fainted.
TO BRING * UP + to mention I didn’t want to bring up the fact that she was unemployed.
TO BRING * UP + to raise (a child) It is how I was brought up.
TO BRUSH * OFF + to ignore something or someone (inf.) Mariah brushed her father off at the party.
TO BURN * DOWN + to destroy by setting fire to it The kids burned the house down by accident.
TO BURN DOWN to burn completely (building) Two buildings burnt down in the fire.
TO BURN UP to be hot I burning up in here. Please, open the door.
TO BURN UP to  consume by fire The papers were burned up by the fire
TO BURN * UP + to destroy by fire My boss burnt up the files.
TO BUY * OUT + to buy the shares of a company Massels was bought out by a chinese company.
TO BUY * UP + to purchase the entire supply of something My father bought up all the beer.

Muito em breve, te apresentaremos outros phrasal verbs essenciais para quem deseja aprender inglês online. Aguarde!

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